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*All private Birthday events for Smith Family
*Jada and Will Smith Wedding

*Private events in Aspen

*Welcome to L.A. event for David and Victor Beckman hosted by Katie and Tom Cruise & Jada and Will Smith
*Private Fund Raiser for First Lady Michelle Obama hosted by Jada and Will Smith
*Private screening event in Cannes for "HUMAN CONTACT" hosted by Overbrook Entertainment
*Grammy Private Event for Mary J. Blige hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith
*Golden Globe event for Queen Latifah hosted by Jada and Will Smith
*Oscar Private Event for Jamie Foxx hosted by Jada and Will Smith & Queen Latifah
*After Party for World Premiere of "MEN IN BLACK 2"
*After Party for World Premiere of "WILD WILD WEST"
*Private event for "HUSTLE AND FLOW" at CAA hosted by Will Smith
*Wrap party for "I AM LEGEND"
*Wrap party for “I ROBOT”
*Wrap party for “HITCH”
*Wrap party for “MEN IN BLACK 3”
*Wrap party for "SUICIDE SQUAD”
*Halloween event for “CONCUSSION”
*Congratulations private event for Ceasar Milan hosted by Jada

Pinkett Smith
*Private dinner for the Former Secretary of Treasury of the United States hosted by Will Smith
*Private dinner for Charlize Theron hosted by Will Smith
*Numerous private weddings

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