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Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, and Interior Designer are all hats which Fawn has worn; yet her life’s blood remains—creativity & free expression. Her fashion sense is captured in the styles of forward-thinking, trend-setting celebs like the Smiths (esp. Jaden and Willow) Yet, more important than style or dress, is essence—that it empower, free, and transcend.  For Fawn, fashion’s pulse is inborn—albeit outwardly expressed—and driven by self-confidence.


This makes Fawn unique and forever resistant to being pinned down, up, or sideways. Her creative nature manifests beauty, provocation, and dramatic pulse from thin air.


For more than 15 years, Fawn has alchemized the invisible; setting trends rather than following; creating waves, rather than riding. And, that’s just it. Fawn taps into the larger creative landscape, unlimited in scope and breadth. Acceleration through versatility; Middle-finger to emulation.


Her resume is long and impressive; but, like most innovators—understated and secondary to her artful expression. Yet, we all can revel in the contagious beauty of her expression, the way one is awed by the night sky. This is what Fawn asks of us: revel, create, be (you).

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